The International Scientific-Technical Conference “Selected Issues in Building Structure Design” BSD2022


The International Scientific-Technical Conference entitled “Selected Issues in Building Structure Design” BSD2022 is organised by the Department of Mechanics, Metal Structures and Computer Methods at the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture, University of Technology in Kielce on 14th and 15th of July 2022.

The aim of the Conference is to exchange information, knowledge and experience in the field of building structure designing. It is addressed to the international community of civil engineers who undertake the solutions of various technical and scientific problems related to the broadly understood design of structures. The topics of the conference include, among others, the new trends in the design of building structures, supported by advanced modelling and numerical simulations. The issues related to the load bearing capacity and stability of the structure will also be discussed.

Three Keynote Speakers have been invited. Their lectures will concern following topics: the safety and reliability of buildings, structure optimization and design of thin-walled metal structures. Two of them will be delivered by academic staff from foreign scientific centres. The conference will be held in a hybrid mode, allowing for stationary or online participation in the plenary sessions.

The conference is under the media patronage of Computer Assisted Methods in Engineering and Science. Selected papers will be published in the journal.

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