Structural Design Optimization of Steel Beams and Frames with Web-Tapered Members Using the PSO-FEM Algorithm

  • Piotr Sych Cracow University of Technology
  • Marek Słoński Cracow University of Technology


This paper presents an algorithm for structural design optimization of steel beams and frames with web-tapered members using the particle swarm optimization (PSO) algorithm and the finite element method (FEM). The design optimization is done in accordance with Eurocode 3 (EC 3) for the minimum mass. The proposed algorithm is more flexible and efficient than traditional design methods based on a trial and error approach. The effectiveness of the presented PSO-FEM algorithm is evaluated on examples of the size optimization of web-tapered members cross-section. The results show that the PSO-FEM algorithm is feasible and effective for finding useful designs.


structural design optimization, particle swarm optimization, finite element method, FEM, web-tapered members,


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Feb 12, 2021
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