Neural identification of compaction characteristics for granular soils

  • Marzena Kłos
  • Zenon Waszczyszyn
  • Maria Sulewska


The paper is a continuation of [9], where new experimental data were analysed. The Multi-Layered Perceptron and Semi-Bayesian Neural Networks were used. The Bayesian methods were applied in Semi-Bayesian NNs to the design and learning of the networks. Advantages of the application of the Principal Component Analysis are also discussed. Two compaction characteristics, i.e. Optimum Water Content and Maximum Dry Density of granular soils were identified. Moreover, two different networks with two and single outputs, corresponding to the compaction characteristics, are analysed.


granular soils, compaction characteristics, Optimum Water Content (OWC), Maximum Dry Density (MDD), neural networks, Multi-Layered Perceptron (MLP), Semi-Bayesian NN (SBNN), Principal Component Analysis (PCA),


Jan 25, 2017
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KŁOS, Marzena; WASZCZYSZYN, Zenon; SULEWSKA, Maria. Neural identification of compaction characteristics for granular soils. Computer Assisted Methods in Engineering and Science, [S.l.], v. 18, n. 4, p. 265–273, jan. 2017. ISSN 2299-3649. Available at: <>. Date accessed: 10 aug. 2022.