Evolutionary computation in optimization and identification

  • Tadeusz Burczyński Institute of Computer Modelling, Cracow University of Technology
  • Witold Beluch Silesian University of Technology
  • Adam Długosz Silesian University of Technology
  • Wacław Kuś Silesian University of Technology
  • Marek Nowakowski Silesian University of Technology
  • Piotr Orantek Silesian University of Technology


The aim of the paper is to present the application of the evolutionary algorithms to selected optimization and identification problems of mechanical systems. The coupling of evolutionary algorithms with the finite element method and the boundary element method creates a new artificial intelligence technique that is very suitable in computer aided optimal design and defect detection. Several numerical examples for optimization and identification are presented.


evolutionary algorithms, finite element method, boundary element method, optimization, identification,


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Feb 22, 2023
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